You’ve probably seen Love Weld around Austin recently with its number of pop-ups in places such as ByGeorge and SOCO Hotel or in their East Side studio located in Springdale General. You probably didn’t know that this company started here in Austin—in its founder’s garage studio. 

Sarah Sides, the founder of Love Weld, has designed and created jewelry since graduating from UT in 2012. As lead designer for a local jewelry company, she traveled all over the world to learn and study jewelry production. On those design trips, she was struck by the meaning that was often paired with these beautifully crafted pieces. “I saw these stunning pieces come to life, as I learned of the sentimentality that was intertwined with the jewelry and its wearer,” Sides says. “That idea became a bit of an obsession of mine, and eventually  led to the creation of Love Weld.” 

Love Weld is the first company to specialize in permanent jewelry and uses the new trend concept of “zapped jewelry” to capture special meaning for their clients. “I’m proud to be at the forefront of a trend, and that the message we share with the new concept of permanent jewelry is one of love, intention, and celebration. Especially in a time when retail, and the world, seem very much in need of connection. I love that there are now people all over the U.S. getting together and celebrating their special bonds through permanent jewelry!” Sides says. 

When you walk into your Love Weld studio appointment, you work with your welder to create a custom fine jewelry style that is tailored to fit your person—wrist, ankle, neck, or hand—perfectly. Then the Love Weld part comes in, with a pinprick of light you see when the piece of jewelry is welded together. Your 14k gold piece is then worn clasp-free and requires little, to no, maintenance. 

The permanent jewelry concept that Sides has built Love Weld around has grown rapidly. Love Weld now has multiple locations in other major cities, but Austin will always be considered home and the flagship location for the growing national brand. 

“We purposely train welders to open their hearts, listen and learn in order to celebrate the people in front of them,” Sides says. “In order to build the jewelry style that captures the wearer’s journey. As we continue to grow, we will keep that the core of what we do.” 

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