Join Banger’s today through Saturday for their annual Oktoberfest celebration! They’ll have amazing German food offerings, 13 beer features, and a bunch of live music performances each day. It’s oompa bands, schnitzel, and malty goodness for three whole days, y’all! Check out their full live music lineup here.

Here’s a preview of the food and drink so you can plan your life around it …

Schnitzel Sausage
German Potato Cake
Warm German Potato Salad
Fried Brussels

Live Oak Brewing Co. – Oaktoberfest
Austin Beerworks – Montecore
Zilker Brewing Co. – Wunderbier
Whitestone Brewery – Opa’s Lederhosen
Real Ale Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest
Saint Arnold Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest
Shiner – Oktoberfest
Märzen Lager – 5.7% ABV – Shiner, TX
Odell Brewing Co. – Oktoberfest
Warsteiner – Oktoberfest
Paulaner Brewery – Oktoberfest
Erdinger Weissbray – Oktoberfest
Weihenstephan – Festbier

When: Thursday, September 23rd

Time: noon–10 p.m.

79 Rainey St.
Austin, TX 78701

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