Hi, I’m Pam from The Loop Running Supply in Downtown Austin. Each week, I’ll be providing a workout challenge for people who are new to running. 

This Week’s Workout Challenge: Hills for Strength

  • Warm up to a hill: 10-15 minutes of walk/jog or whatever easy pace looks like to you (1-2 miles warm up with more experience)
  • Hill Repeats: 15 second hill sprint (you’ve only got 15 seconds so give it all you’ve got), hump it up to a 30 second hill sprint with more experience
  • Recover: 1 minute active recovery (jog or walk down the hill)
  • Repeat: repeat the hill sprint and recovery 6-10 times
  • Cool down: mosey on home

The focus of this workout is strength. With hill repeats you are working your core and glutes, the muscles that hold your posture and protect your form as you run. Strength will not only help you become more efficient, it will help prevent injury. We challenge you to this workout one day this week and a few days later incorporating the Mailbox Fartleks from last week’s post.

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