Your best friend is actually tying the knot—can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday you were holding her hair back while she puked off the side of the Shell Island Shuttle during your spring break trip to Panama. Now as her maid-of-honor, you’re helping her pick out flowers and attending pre-dress shopping brunches with the mothers. Yes, the general aspects of planning a wedding can feel a little formal (ahem adult!), but there is always that one night where you and your friends get to re-live the revelry of youth: the bachelorette party.

Lucky for you, the bride has chosen the perfect bachelorette party location. Whether y’all just want to stay close to home or if this is a destination trip and you want to get weird with it, Austin is a great place to throw you girl’s “final” big bash. Of course, with a city like Austin it can be hard to choose just what to do. Luckily, we’ve got a couple ideas that will make this night one to go down in the books.


  • Book a cool house

There are plenty of great boutique hotels in Austin that are great for other occasions. But when you have a group of rowdy women looking to get wild, it may not be the greatest idea to share walls with UT parents and wary travelers. Instead, book a cool house with plenty of space and fill the fridge with eggs and bacon from Salt & Time for the morning after. Home Away has tons of amazing listings for whatever size your party… and your budget.

  • Stock up on the essentials at Cindie’s

    Members only. (NSFW)

  • Float The River

A Texas summer just isn’t complete without floating the river. And if you’re going to embark on this age-old journey of aquatic debauchery, you might as well do it right! This year, we’ve partnered with Austin Tour Company to offer public floats with added features that make it a floating party unlike any other.

We’re offering the ultimate floating experience—we provide transportation along with your tube, ice chests, ice, and more! You can meet new friends and live it up on the river without worrying about getting home safe.

  • Brunch Boat

    Why eat on land when you can have brunch party on the water!?! A brunch time party cruise on Town Lake (or Lady Bird Lake as it’s now known). Enjoy great music, food, and beverages aboard a fabulous boat with air conditioning, bathrooms, and a gorgeous roof deck. They’ll have different themes throughout the year too for added fun!  Get great pictures and views of the Austin skyline from the boat roof deck!

  • Pedal, Sing, and Bar Hop with Hipside Peddler

Kick off your weekend with a party on wheels – an afternoon pre-game favorite! This 15-passenger party bike, pedal powered by you, visits renowned bars, breweries and food trucks in east Austin’s booming downtown area. BYOB (cans, boxed wine, sangria or mimosas – yes you can drink along the way!), choose your bachelorette party playlist and take your turn on the karaoke mic! Don’t worry about coolers, ice or cups, they have you covered. There is also a non-pedaling “throne” seat in the back, perfect for the bride! Grab your drinks ladies and start your party with a 2 or 3 hour ride!


  • Be your own private dancer at Brass Ovaries

Strip clubs are passé. Instead, get your sexy AND your sweat on at Austin’s best pole dancing and aerial aerobics studio: Brass Ovaries. Far from the seedy, Brass Ovaries has a fun and welcoming vibe that will get even the shyest girl in your party to open up and embrace her inner goddess. You can book a private party that is specifically tailored for the bachelorette crowd. Trust us, this is way better than the seediness and all-you-can-eat buffets of the alternative.


  • Nosh right at Justine’s

Pole dancing can work up quite the appetite; reward your party for all their hard work with an amazing dinner under the sparkling canopies of Justine’s. Nestled in an East Austin woody enclave, this French bistro is the perfect spot for your party. Order a round (or two) of French 75s and order the escargot (snails are delicious… trust us). The menu is small but well-rounded; even the pickiest eater will find something they’ll like while the adventurous eaters will adore the steak tartare or the moules frites.



  • Pre-drink at Midnight Cowboy

If your party is smaller than 8, make a reservation at Midnight Cowboy. This brothel-turned-bar offers amazing cocktails in a cool atmosphere that will impress your out-of-town friends. Why do we say pre-drink? Despite its lascivious history, this place keeps it pretty low-key. It’s not a spot for getting rowdy or loud. Plus, reservations only last for 2 hours. Luckily, it’s located right on 6th street, so after you’re down with your speakeasy classics you can wander out into the rowdiness and ruckus of Austin’s famous downtown party scene.


  • Finish up at Barbarella

Whether your party does Dirty 6th street or wanders off to Rainey, you can always meet in the middle at this locals’ favorite. While there is certainly an area you could call the dance floor, the whole place turns into a Britney Spears video once the shots kick in. The best part? While the bar closes at 2am, the DJ keeps it going ‘til 3, so you can keep the party going longer.


  • Recover at Barton Springs

You probably lost a pretty penny (along with a little bit of dignity) the night before. Thankfully you stocked the kitchen with the essentials (read: Bloody Mary and Mimosa fixings) so you can spend the morning lazing about and gabbing with the girls. Once y’all feel a little better, throw on your swimsuits and grab the sunscreen to go take a dip in an Austin’s favorite swimming hole. Once you jump in those frigid waters you’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated, just what you and the bride need as you look ahead towards her big day.