If your goal is to get to a new level of fitness in 2020, we have some good news: Crux Climbing Center is expanding its 22,000-square-foot facility in South Austin. 

Crux is a fitness center focused on bringing together climbers of all skill sets. If you haven’t climbed before, you don’t have to be intimidated. This is a welcoming place where you can focus on your own goals and learn to “send” routes (that’s climbing lingo) one by one. 

Members and visitors range from recreational climbers to die-hard yogis and families looking for a fun, healthy activity for the kids. The current facility has rope climbing, bouldering, strength training, fitness and yoga classes, locker rooms, a kids’ area, and even a co-working space. They throw member appreciation events, industry nights, summer camps and national climbing competitions like the annual Come and Send It Fest. 

The new building, which will open early this year, is called “The Fitness Barn” and will expand on the center’s existing fitness offerings, including weightlifting, strength and conditioning, and more. The Fitness Barn will also feature saunas and an outdoor area for community workouts and events. Perhaps most exciting for Austinites will be lots of additional parking and a complete renovation of the historic beverage barn located on the northwest corner of South Congress Avenue and Pickle Road.For more information about Crux, how to become a member, and more, click here. Do something good for yourself in 2020!