East Side Happy Hours

For more information on the experiences at these locations, tune into our Podcast on East Side Austin Happy Hours.

Our East Austin Happy Hour research was truly an experience that we think everyone should recreate. For this post, we really wanted to give you a sense of what it’s like popping around some local east side spots. Continue reading after—we still list the rest of our favorite spots!


*2021 Update – This location has closed but you can still find Bufalina on North Burnet!

We started off at Bufalina, where we had the $5 wine and 50% off pizza. The Red Pie add pepperoni was for awesome—really thin and crispy Neopolitan pizza; or as our founder Kristy calls it, “Skinny Pizza”!

Genre: Pizza

Location: E. Cesar Chavez

Time: Wednesday-Sunday, 4–5:30 p.m.

Special: 50% off pizza, $5 wine by the glass, 50% off bottles under $100

Favorites: Red Pie add pepperoni, Calabrese with Salami & Serranos, Mushroom White Pizza, Burrata with Pesto, Green Risotto with Mushrooms, the Pierre-Marie Chermette Gamay on HH (normally $49, on HH $25)

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With some time to kill before our next spot opened, we decided to stop into another all-time favorite, Mongers. The owners, Julie and Shane, are always so welcoming and it truly is just like your neighborhood fish monger with fresh, seasonal dishes. We love the seasonal crudos, ceviches, and oysters! Be sure to ask for Forrest for your server.

Genre: Seafood/Raw Bar

Location: E. Cesar Chavez

Time: Tuesday-Friday, 4–6 p.m., Mondays all day – 1/2 off oysters, 1/2 off select wine bottles

Special:$5 wine glasses, $6 apps, $1 off oysters, $1 off beer, $2 off sangria carafes

Favorites: Peel & Eats, Angels on Horseback, any daily crudo, poké or ceviche, lobster roll, Fish Dip (get crackers and hot sauce on the side, too with the chips—its a game-changer!) and of course, Lobster Mac & Cheese with black truffle and cheddar

If it’s Monday and you love Oysters, this is the place. Check out Hillside Farmacy, too for discounted oysters and bubbles!

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Mongers Market + Kitchen

Pitchfork Pretty

Next, we went on to try Pitchfork Pretty for the first time. Boy were we missing out! The vibe was amazing and they had great service, plenty of parking, an excellent covered patio area, inventive cocktails, and innovative dishes. We have decided to become regulars of this place! Our favorite was the crudo served over a seasonal sorbet. Sounds weird, but the sorbet made it so icy cold and delicious!

Genre: New American/Southern

Location: E. Cesar Chavez

Time: Monday-Friday, 5–6 p.m.

Special: $3 off cocktails and beer, $12 off bottles of wine, 1/2 off snacks and appetizers

Favorites: Snapper served over seasonal sorbet with habenero oil, Pimento & Cheese with Crab Crackers (kind of like pork rinds), and the Money Moves —a gin drink with averna (herby liquor), cardamom, and orange

On Wednesdays, you can pop over during HH to Sour Ducks Farmers Market from 4-7 PM!


We finally ended our night at JuniperAs if we weren’t stuffed enough yet, we ordered the Cacio de Pepe which we learned is Italian for cheese and pepper. It was so creamy and delicious. We walked right in on a Friday night and the service was exquisite. The hostess went out of her way to make sure we found a seat at the bar right away, and the bartenders even gave us complimentary gelato! We earned ourselves a Gustavo spin class after this night of feasting.

Genre: Italian

Location: E. Cesar Chavez

Time: Monday, all night

Special: Amore Monday – $10 meat and cheese board with $12 entrees of Spaghetti, Chicken Confit, Bucatini, or Pesto Genovese, with $6 Spritzes

Favorites: Cacio de Pepe

Pop over to Whisler’s reverse happy hour after!

East Side Favorites

Mexican Favorites:


Sit on the patio and get the queso (more like fundito in a skillet served with tortillas), and the Vampiro (tequila with grapefruit soda, jalapeno, and a spicy rim)! Pop over to Native Hostel to continue your HH.

Genre: Mexican

Location: E. 6th

Time: Tuesday-Friday, 4–6 p.m.

Special: $5 Happy Hour – $5 margaritas, palomas, mezcal mules, etc., $5 quesadillas and sopecitos (thick corn tostadas), $5 Huaraches (corn masa base and topping), $5 corn or sweet potato verduras

Favorites: All of the margaritas! Choriqueso or Champiqueso, Melted Queso Asadero in a Skillet served with Tortillas; Ceviche with Coconut Cream and Mango Pico; all of the tacos are great—Veggie, Pastor with Pineapple, Chimichurri Flank Steak and Lengua with Guajillo-Peanut salsa.

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Lichas Queso


Go right when they open and order all of the HH snackcidents and the taco of the day, share as a group! Their menu is always changing and seasonal. They also have parking in the parking garage!

Genre: Mexican

Location: E. 6th

Time: Every Day, 5–6 p.m., Mezcal Mondays for half-priced mezcal drinks

Special: $5 Snackcidents, $5 Taco of the Day, $6 cocktails, 25% off wine bottles, $3 draft beer

Favorites: Crispy Elotes—dip with chips; Ceviche with Chile oil & Miso broth; Aguachile with Habanero Broth; Beef Tartare Sopes with Chile Chilhuacle (kind of like mole)

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Go early on Tuesdays and get the $5 Grizz Mizz (Pink Margarita), the $3 Ceviche Tostada and $7 Tacos of the Day (2). There is a ton of parking on Tillery Street.

Genre: Mexican

Location: E. Cesar Chavez

Time: Tuesday-Friday, 5–7 p.m., Wednesday all night, Tuesday $5 Grizz Mizz (Pink Margaritas), Thursday $20 Chicken Fajitas

Special: $7 margaritas and cocktails, $3–8 appetizers, $2 off wine by the glass

Favorites: Their drinks are super cool—the Queen Bey, Bad Girl Ri Ri, and the Ride or Die; The $3 Ceviche Tostada, $7 Daily Tacos (2) & the Beer Battered Fish Taco with Charred Corn + Avocado, Mole Enchiladas, Queso Fundito, Street Corn Salad

Every third Monday, go Tango at Tillery right across the street from Grizzeldas. Or check out Jacobys!

Asian Favorite:

Old Thousand

Join them for “Happy Time” and have a mini dim sum with hip hop music playing and inventive cocktails flowing. Get the Rangoons, Chili Wontons, and Mala Fried Chicken. We also love their daily dumplings that are seasonal and always changing.

Walk over to King Bee on 12th after for a Frozen Bee’s Knees—gin, lemon, honey, plus pizza.

Genre: Chinese Asian Fusion

Location: E. 11th

Time: Monday-Friday, 5–6:30 p.m.

Special: 50% off all bubbles bottles, $7 cocktails, $7 wine, $7 snacks, $5–6 Beer

Favorites: Smoked Trout Rangoons with Pineapple Sweet Chili, Daily House Dumplings, Mala Fried Chicken with Szechuan Salt & Chili Oil, Kung Pao Cauliflower with Shishitos & Peanuts, Brisket Fried Rice

Old Thousand

Fancier Favorite:


Go early, sit on the patio, order the Burrata (always changing, fantastic during every season), anything with their house-made bread (Mussels, Grilled Octopus, Salmon Tartare Toast), and 100% order a dessert.

Genre: New American

Location: E. Holly

Time: Monday-Friday, 5–6 p.m.

Special: 1/2 off Drinks, $5 Snacks, Mondays Wine Bottles 1/2 off All Day

Favorites: Crudo, Pierogies with Ricotta & Romesco, Burrata (Seasonal – Now it is with Tomato Jam, Blackerry, Pistachio and their House-made Grilled Focaccia), Beet Hummus with Everything Crackers, Mussels with Pancetta & Green Chile Butter and House-made Grilled Sourdough), any dessert

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Random Favorite:


Another MMH spot. They have 1/2 off bottles of grab-and-go wine on Tuesdays. If you live on the East Side, this would be a great deal to go stock up on wine for your place. This is also the only retail spot (outside of new Swedish Hill) in Austin where you can buy the June’s Rosé!

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More North East Area Favorites:

(Mueller, Cherrywood, Manor, Airport Blvd.)

Salty Sow

Go early and sit at a tall table in the bar area by the window, get the Truffled Deviled Eggs, Honey Rosemary Dipped Fried Chicken with a Homeade Biscuit, Duck Fat Fries with a 110 Minute Egg & Aioli, and the Crispy Brussel Sprout Leaves with Golden Raisins. Drink it all down with a Curly Tail (spicy marg) or Flying Pig (play on a French 75). They have a huge food selection on the HH menu and they’re all shareable small plates. Great for a group and they have parking! Check out our full post on Salty Sow, here.

Genre: Gastropub/Pork (Sow = Pig)

Location: Manor Rd.

Time: Every Day, 4:30–6:30 p.m.

On Sunday head over to Austin Eastsiders Tasting Room first for HH from 2-3, then head to Salty Sow!

Special: $2 off cocktails, $5 wine, $4 beer, $5 tacos, $5 snacks

Favorites: Truffled Deviled Eggs with Bacon from their farm, Chicken Liver Mousse, Honey Rosemary Fried Chicken + Biscuit, Duck Fat Fries, Brussel Sprout Leaves (Super crispy), Eggplant Fries, The Curly Tail & Flying Pig cocktails.


If the weather is nice, sit on the patio (the inside is fairly small and gets packed), bring your dog, get the Charred Avocado Dip with Jalapenos, Chicken Wings with Alabama White Sauce, Seasonal Pickled Vegetables, and wash it down with a $6 Frozen Painkiller or Frozen Margarita.

Genre: Farm to Table

Location: Manor & Airport Rd. (and the Fareground Location Downtown). More info on the Fareground here.

Time: Monday-Thursday, 5–6:30 p.m.

Special: 1/2 off – bar snacks, beer, wine, cocktails

Favorites: $3 for 6 wings, $4 Boudin Balls with Maple Tamari Sauce, $2 Pickled Seasonal Vegetables, $7 Pigs in a Blanket, $3.50 Ox Tongue Slider, Crispy Green Beans with Sambal Aioli, the Burger on Challah Bun, Frozen Margarita

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Go on a Tuesday with friends, sit in the bright, beautiful bar area, order a 1/2 off bottle of wine (cheapest would be the Rosé from Burgundy $14/bottle) and get the Parker House Rolls, Baked Ricotta, and Smoked Salmon Board. This is one of the earlier starting HHs in town, so we like doing a 3 p.m. Friday situation, too! Plenty of parking.

Genre: New American

Location: Mueller

Time: Every Day, 3–6:30 p.m., Monday all day 1/2 off burgers, Tuesdays 1/2 off bottles of wine ($28–66)

Special: $5 Frozen & Tap Cocktails, $5 Wine, $3 off Apps ($5-12 after discount), $1 off Beer

Favorites: $8 Parker House Rolls with Pulled Pork (basically a kolache), Baked Ricotta with Pesto & Baguette, Smoked Salmon Board, $6.50 for the Veggie Burger with Feta on Mondays, $5 Frosé, and the 1/2 off Rosé from Burgundy on Tuesdays

Go over to the Goodnight afterward for bowling and more HH.

Our Random Favorites:

Last Straw

“Vacation by the Hour” – Go here before going out on E. 6th, bring a friend from out of town, get some Miami Vices or Pisco Punches, order the Spicy Garlic Noods, Crispy Orange Cauliflower and the Steak or Fish Tacos.

Genre: Tiki Bar

Location: E. 6th

Time: Sunday-Thursday, 5–7 p.m.

Special: $7 cocktails, apps $5-12, $4 beer and a shot

Favorites: $4 High Life Pony + Shot of Bourbon, $8 Miami Vice (Pina Colada + Strawberry Daiquari), Beach House Burger with Pineapple & Funyons (try it with an Impossible Patty), Crispy Orange Cauliflower, $5 Spicy Garlic Noods – Vermicelli Noodles (add the fried egg)

Salt & Time

Go for an early dinner date night on Wednesdays, get a 1/2 off bottle of wine, get a cheese board with a warm baguette and add whipped lardo, liver mouse. or pork rillettes. Share the Butchers Bolognese with Sonoran Wheat Pappardelle or the Farro Risotto with Dry Aged Beef Fat and Confit Chanterelle Mushrooms.

If you’re solo, get the Butchers Burger; it is their daily steak trimmings ground, with sour pickles on a brioche bun, served with beef fat french fries.

Genre: Butcher Shop

Location: E. 7th

Time: Everyday, 3:30–6 p.m., Wednesday 1/2 off wine bottles, Sunday all night

Special: $2 off Wine Glass, $5 Spritz & Sangria, $10 Charcuterie, $6 Pickle Board, $8 Baguette with Liver Mouse, Lardo + Pork Rillettes

Favorites: Cheese Board add Whipped Lardo, Liver Mousse or Pork Rillettes; Bolognese, Butchers Burger, Beef Fat French Fries, Steak Tartare

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Erin is our resident food and happy hour aficionado. Born and raised in Texas, and spending the last 12 years in Austin, she is constantly trying out new places and giving us her foodie opinion. Erin also is very active in the workout class and wellness scene, providing insight into living a healthy, active and fun lifestyle in our beautiful city of Austin, TX.