Favorite Lash Serums

These are all ones that we have tried, and that either we use and love, or friends use and have seen great results. All of these vary person to person, you really have to try a few out and see what works the best for you specifically. ⁣


This was actually the first brand we ever purchased when we started using lash growth serums. we’ve tried so many over the years and consistently go back to this one. ⁣Purchase here.

Grande Lash

Ok, so a friend of ours has been consistently using this and her lashes are super long, after she was getting lash extensions for several years she was left with short broken lashes. within 3 months they’ve grown super long with this stuff. we tried it ourselves and did notice a difference in length but it made our lash line itchy. haven’t heard that feedback from anyone else though so we might just be sensitive!⁣ Purchase here.

Vegamour Vegalash

This is a vegan brand and is supposed to be less harsh. started using this and saw results within a few weeks and didn’t experience any side effects or sensitivity. ⁣Purchase here.

Rodan & Fields

Have had so many friends rave about this stuff and saw huge results for them. once we are done with our current tube of revitalash, want to try this one again. it is extremely pricey though so we just keep putting off purchasing for ourselves!⁣

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