Anyone else having trouble sleeping or having vivid and weird dreams lately? I am! According to sleep experts, recalling highly detailed dreams or experiencing insomnia is more prevalent during times of distress. We are adapting to a new norm, and we are learning how to work, study, homeschool, exercise, and relax at home, so it is normal if our sleep is off. Below are five things that help me put my mind at ease and catch some restful z’s. I hope they help you too!

Stick To A Schedule

Go to bed and wake up at the same time. We have more time on our hands, so it might feel enticing to stay up a little later than usual. Our bodies like a set routine and our circadian rhythm will be interrupted if our waking/sleeping schedule is inconsistent. 

Minimize Screen Time Before Bed

I totally get it, it’s hard to put your phone down or turn off the TV, but our brain needs a moment to decompress. This overstimulation from the news, the memes, the tweets, might contribute to our poor sleeping patterns. So I recommend you turn off your devices 30 minutes before you go to bed. Dim your lights or read a few pages from a book. 

Get Ready For Bed

Take a hot bath or shower, brush your teeth, get your moisturizer on. This will signal your body that it is time to unwind. I love going to bed feeling clean, and the visualization of washing off the day always helps me feel energetically lighter. 

Get Your Room Right

Consider the temperature, noise, and lighting of your bedroom. If your bedroom is too warm, too noisy, or too bright, it might make it challenging for your body to relax. Play with the temperature of your room, set up a noise cancellation machine or wear ear plugs if it is too noisy, and wear an eye mask if it is too bright. Another thing to consider is the comfort of your bed. Do you like how your sheets, pillow, and mattress feel? Are they supportive enough for your body to relax? 

Practice Meditation/Gratitude

This has been a game changer for me. Right after I get in bed, I take three deep breaths to release the tension from the day. I think of one awesome thing that happened to me during the day and three things that I am grateful for (if I am feeling a little ambitious, I write them down in my journal).

Sleep plays a crucial role in our physical and mental well being, this is the time when we get to recharge and restore. If you are having trouble sleeping, please consider incorporating these tips that have worked for me, but as always feel free to consult your physician or a sleep expert. What are some of your nightly rituals to help you sleep better?


(Gustavo Padron is a Yoga + Meditation Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Wellness + Lifestyle Blogger in Austin, TX.)

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