Those of us with pets at home are especially grateful for their love and companionship right now. If you have the capacity to welcome a furry friend either as a permanent member of your family or as a very special house guest, there is a serious need in the community.

Amid COVID-19 fears, Austin Pets Alive! is urgently aiming to get 50 percent of its animals in foster homes. They need to be prepared for potential spread causing fewer people available and more animals to care for.

The shelter is encouraging anyone in and around Austin who is considering adopting a new cat or dog to come to the shelter over the next few days. Both APA!’s Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) and Tarrytown locations will have normal hours of operation. They are also seeking as many new dog and cat fosters as possible. Interested individuals must apply online and receive confirmation from the appropriate foster coordinator before coming to TLAC.

“We need to urgently prepare because a huge concern is that fewer animals will be going out as potential adopters are staying home, but the same regular flow of animals will be coming in to the shelter for our help, leading to a deadly bottleneck,” says APA! Executive Director Dr. Ellen Jefferson. “What will happen if the COVID-19 spread affects our staff members who become exposed and need to stay home? Over the next several days, we want to get as many of our animals in foster homes or adopted so we have space for the inevitable crisis that is unfolding.”

Click here to learn more and here if you are ready to foster now!
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