Breakfast taco lists are subjective by nature, so don’t think of this as a “best breakfast tacos in Austin” list. Instead, consider it a roundup of the places I currently frequent. Some of these spots were included due to proximity of my East Austin neighborhood, while others made the list because of unique menu items, killer tortillas, or other superlative ingredients.

All of these places are operating in some capacity (at time of publishing), and many are offering online ordering or curbside pickup. If one of your favorite spots didn’t make the list, feel free to send us a tip via email to:


What I’m Ordering: The Real Deal Holyfield

Valentina’s popular breakfast taco combines the best of both the texmex and barbecue worlds with a fried egg, refried beans, potatoes, bacon, and brisket. There’s often a line, so be sure to bring a beer or two for the wait, and order a few lunch tacos and some chips and queso for later. Or now!

Pueblo Viejo

What I’m Ordering: Taco Don Chago

Pueblo Viejo is a food-truck-to brick-and-mortar success story that I’m proud to support. The Don Chago is a breakfast taco sans eggs, which raises the question: Is it technically a breakfast taco at all? Try one and decide for yourself that the answer is “yes.”

El Primo

What I’m Ordering: Something with Chorizo

There’s nothing flashy about this CASH ONLY spot on South 1st, but the family owned trailer has been slinging tacos since 2004, which means there’s over 15 years of seasoning on that griddle. You can’t replicate that. Owner Jose Luis Perez also makes his own chroizo, so be sure to include it in your order.

Joe’s Bakery

What I’m Ordering: Joey Rocha Plate

This is my hangover go-to; a gluttonous plate with two eggs any style, served with pork carne guisada, potatoes, beans, two tortillas, and your choice of sausage or (deep fried) bacon. Word to the wise: Two tortillas are never enough, so be sure to ask for more to take home.

Mi Madre’s

What I’m Ordering: #0 and #8 Tacos

The #0 is a massive, four-ingredient breakfast taco filled with bacon, egg, potatoes, and cheese. Their Vegetarian Migas Taco (#8) is also huge. .. one taco is definitely all you need here, but I always order two.


What I’m Ordering: Migas Taco

Some tacos aren’t worth the hype. This one is. I usually add avocado, and unlike other breakfast tacos where I opt for a flour tortilla, with migas, you just have to go corn.

Texas Honey Ham

What I’m Ordering: Honey Ham, Egg, and Potato Hash Taco

I just had to put one gringo taco spot on the list. If you’re looking for an “authentic” taco experience, you won’t find it out here in Westlake, but you will find something delicious. This is the one place where it’s okay to put ham on a taco—and the baked potato hash is a must-order as well.


What I’m Ordering: Something with Papas Rancheras

Marcelino’s has long been one of my favorite spots in town. The tacos are served cafeteria-style, and always with a smile. Sticking with your go-to breakfast taco preferences is the way to do it here, but I highly recommend including potatoes—they’re shaped like french fries and are available regular or spicy. Always go spicy.

One Taco

What I’m Ordering: I ❤️ Bacon Taco

This taco won our “Breakfast Taco Taste-off” competition a few years back and it’s still one of my favorite tacos in town. It’s loaded with bacon, eggs, potatoes, cheese, and more bacon.

Nixta Taqueria

What I’m Ordering: Whatever They’ve Got

Nixta offers off-menu breakfast tacos based on the fresh ingredients they’ve got on-hand. Their migas taco is a secret menu item that’s usually available for regulars, and anyone else who is friendly enough to ask for one.