Sweet, juicy, and slightly fuzzy, we could only be talking about one thing- peaches, of course! Fredericksburg Texas renders some of the best peaches in the country, and we’re lucky enough to only live a short drive away. Growing up, I can vividly remember going to peach orchards in Fredericksburg with my mom, grandma and sister and picking more peaches than we even knew what to do with. The warm sunshine and soft sweet peach aroma fully encompasses you and seems to set your worries aside for the day, allowing you to just be totally and completely present. We’ve put together a list of some of Fredericksburg’s favorite orchards and road-side stands and stores where you can pick your own straight off the tree, or choose from the cream of the crop that have already been harvested for you!

One thing to keep in mind while planning your peach picking excursion is the ripening date of the fruit. Peach season typically starts in early to mid May and runs through late August. Throughout the season there are several different varieties of peaches that are produced. Right now you can plan on seeing a lot of June Gold, Falvorich, Regal and a couple others. June Golds are one of the most popular types in Texas and can typically be harvested until early June. Blackberries and nectarines are also in season right now, and soon plums and tomatoes will be too! You can find more info on ripening dates and seasonal fruits here!

Jenschke Orchards

Jenschke Orchards is a seven generation family farm that started in 1961. They have a roadside peach stand as well as a peach orchard consisting of over 5,000 trees!
Location: 8301 East US Hwy 290
Fredericksburg TX, 78624
Contact: (830)997-8422

Donald Eckhardt Orchards

Donald Eckhardt Orchards was established in 1936. Aside from peaches, they’re also selling fresh picked plums, blackberries, and tomatoes!
Location: 2150 South Hwy 87
Fredericksburg TX, 78624
Contact: (830)992-7113

Vogel Orchard

Vogel Orchard is currently harvesting fresh peaches, blackberries, and plums! They also pride themselves on their tasty treats made fresh daily like peach cobbler, peach butter ice cream and a multitude of fruit jams and preserves!
Location: 12862 E US Highway 290
Fredericksburg TX, 78624
Contact: (830) 644-2404

Harvest Hill Farm Market

Harvest Hill is a family run farm that grows and sells quality fruits and vegetables. They’re often selling their fresh produce at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market.
Location: 12918 South State Hwy 16
Fredericksburg TX, 78624
Contact: (830)456-0901

Lydell’s Store

Lydell’s Store is a seasonal Fruit and Vegetable Market offering customers a wide selection of quality products at great prices! They have a large variety of jarred items, and their very own fresh produce.
Location: 1607 E. Main St
Fredericksburg TX, 78624
Contact: (830)997-1982

Studebaker Farms

Studebaker Farms is a family farm specializing in fresh market peach production. They’re currently selling there fresh peaches, blackberries and their peach jam and peach salsa!
Location: 9405 Hwy 290 East
Fredericksburg TX, 78624
Contact: (830)990-1109

Das Peach Haus

Das Peach Haus began as a roadside market for fresh Fredericksburg peaches. It now serves as a showroom for hundreds of products gracing grocery shelves today. Stroll through their 60 acre farm consisting of Texas pine trees and their beautiful peach orchard!
Location: 1406 S. U.S. Highway 87
Fredericksburg, TX 78624
Contact: (830)997-8969

Gold Orchards

Gold Orchards offers seasonal peaches, plums, nectarines, and produce. Also on-site is a bakery serving fresh baked pies, breads, and cobblers and soft-serve peach ice cream!
Location: 14329 E US Highway 290
Stonewall, Texas 78671
Contact: (830)644-2890

Burg’s Corner

Located outside of Fredericksburg, Burg’s Corner sells tree-ripened, sunshine sweet and bursting with juice Texas Hill Country peaches from their 75-acre orchard. Seasonally they also offer apricots, plums, figs, apples, pears, and pecans and tons of fresh veggies like okra, zucchini, and specialty squash!
Location: 15194 US Hwy 290 E
Stonewall, Texas 78671
Contact: (830)644-2604

Born and raised in Austin, Emily thrives off sunlight and a good happy hour. In her free time she enjoys finding hidden spots along the greenbelt and frequent trips to Austin Pets Alive! She graduated with a degree in PR and has spent the past four years as a social media manager and writer.