It’s 3:30 p.m. on a Thursday and that last Zoom meeting of the day is dragging. That’s when your mind wanders to the idea of a frothy, tangy margarita—or two. And then to chips and queso. And then to that age old question: When and where is it happy hour?

Thankfully there is now an app that helps you quickly search for ALL the happy hours nearby that have your favorite drinks on special. No more searching high and low on the interwebs for the perfect scenario that matches your cravings, location, and time window. 5 Live is the answer we’ve been waiting for. Download it now using the code 365things and you’ll have the perfect plan for celebrating the end of that painful meeting. 

And it’s not just happy hour—this app can solve your brunch dilemmas, too! Here’s a rundown of what it can do …

  • Use the interactive map to easily find happy hours or brunches near you.
  • With the powerful filter feature users can find specials based on day of the week or any of your favorite drinks (Margs, Wells, Beers, Craft Cocktails, Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Whiskey, or Wine)
  • Easily access helpful business info, including busy times!
  • Quickly find the best brunch food and drink deals for easy planning with friends and family. 

And because it’s Austin, it has the all-important ability to locate a spot in your area with live music!

Even more features will be rolling out in May of 2021, including info about what the hot new trendy restaurants are and a Crowd Radar tool that’s like a heat map to help you figure out what’s popular and what’s way too popular. 

Don’t just take our word for it, the app store user reviews say it all:

 “Save Time and Money! Works great, found some great options in the neighborhood I hadn’t seen before. Have never seen this info displayed in one location this succinctly, highly recommended!” 

With this app on your phone (iOS or Android), you don’t have to gamble when it comes to making the most of your downtime. Cheers to that!

Feature photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels.