Bubbly canned drinks with a kick are everywhere these days, and hard seltzers have shoved over light beer as the pool drink of choice for many. If you’re going to spend the day drinking as you float on a noodle in a body of water, you need something that drinks easy. 

Since we’re all about the curated and local experience at 365 Things Austin, we were excited to find a hard seltzer that’s local and focused on putting taste, quality, and heritage into every can. We care about what goes into our cooler—and our bodies. 

Named for the fast-moving cold fronts that blow through Texas, Blue Norther was founded in Austin by a father-son team who wanted something better to drink on hot days out on their family ranch. The all-natural seltzers are crafted with real fruit juice and organic agave to create bold flavors inspired by Texas fruits—Wild Blackberry and Agave Lime are the first two, and they’ll be launching additional flavors soon. Unlike other hard seltzers on the market, the flavors in these are bold, complex, and, most importantly, delicious.

Father-son founders Austin T. Pittman and Austin Pittman.

They also plan to expand distribution throughout Texas and beyond, but right now you can find them around town at H-E-B, Whole Foods, Total Wine, Specs, Fresh Plus, Royal Blue Grocery, and Wheatsville Food Co-Op, among many others. 

We’re already local snobs when it comes to our coffee, our craft beer, our tacos, and just about everything else. Thankfully we now have a superior hard seltzer to drink on that noodle. Cheers y’all!

Check out their Seltzer Finder tool to see where it’s available near you.