If you do one thing today—VOTE! Election Day is finally upon us and the polls are open today from now until 7 p.m. If you are standing in line when the polls close, you can still vote. Do not leave that line!

Here is a very handy list of things you need to know before you vote today from KXAN.

After you vote, take a pic in front of these beautiful murals around town and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

The HOPE Campaign has unveiled a new series of murals with a goal to activate and celebrate voting around Austin. It’s all part of their latest initiative, Your Vote is Your Voice. If you are early voting, and we hope you are, stop by one of the murals afterward for that perfect social media pic encouraging others to do the same.

HOPE has also teamed up with The Austin Common, a local site that helps explain the news and voting information in non-partisan, positive ways.

Here are the mural locations and artists:

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