Hopscotch — a new, uniquely curated immersive art experience created by local entrepreneurs Nicole Jensen and Hunter Inman — is debuting in Austin in February as an interactive pop-up located at 6100 Airport Blvd. From February 14 through March 31, Hopscotch: Light and Sound will feature 13 distinctive installations and showcase works from a variety of local Austin artists, as well as a selection of national and international artists. 

“I’ve always been very driven by the idea that a uniquely curated event can connect and inspire the people that attend it.”   said co-founder Nicole Jensen.  “We’re thrilled to announce Hopscotch and invite the public to experience this exhibit.  To have a platform that allows us to showcase the works of talented immersive artists is something we’re really proud of and excited about.”

Each room in the 10,000 square foot space contains a different exhibit with colorful design elements from LED lights to live videos and music. Hopscotch is constructed by various artists,  the majority of which are Austin-based. Every art activation within the project requires participation from guests, and Hopscotch: Light and Sound invites guests to explore the surreal surroundings in a playful manner. 

Hopscotch’s 13 individual installations include: Paint by RGB Wall, curated by Jared Ficklin and Joey Ficklin (Argo Design) from Austin, TX; Infinity Boxes, curated by Matt Elson from Los Angeles, California; Mujō, curated by Kevin Reilly (Vurvo Collective) from Austin, TX; Gemini 6B, curated by Mickey Delp from Austin, TX; Thunder Lightning curated by Nate Culpepper and Stacy Wheeler (The Balloon Collective) from Austin TX; Cloud Therapy curated by ANGRY CLOUD + DESCND from Brooklyn, NY/Austin, TX; Spirits curated by Barna Kantor, Jerome Martinez, Lisa B. Woods (Dadageek) from Austin, TX; Olya curated by Omnia Rosia Design from Kyiv, Ukraine; Hifi God curated by Jerome Morrison from Austin, TX; a Virtual Reality Experience; and Matrix, Experience Over Things and Deep Eddy Ball Pit, all three curated by Hopscotch from Austin, TX. 

Interactive experiences range from controlling the clouds and weather via balloons to painting with light through an infrared brush by hand. Olya, presented by the only international artist, invites viewers into an immersive space of complicated multidimensional structures and light. Infinity Boxes by Matt Elson uses color, lights, and mirrors to construct beautiful boxes that draw viewers in; it’s an optical illusion project that asks visitors to take a closer look at human perception and social interaction, much like the public’s relationship to social media.  

“We’re excited to bring together this talented group of artists and to help them bring their concepts to life,” said Hunter Inman, co-founder of Hopscotch. “This type of experiential art is a perfect fit for the vibrant Austin community that is always looking for a unique and interactive experience.” 

Inman discovered his passion for building and creating after receiving his MBA from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and switching his career in finance to focus on technology, start-ups and other entrepreneurial efforts. Since 2012, he’s been in Austin where he helped found software design and consulting firms before co-founding Hopscotch with Nicole Jensen. Jensen studied art and business at CMU  and has extensive experience in the corporate event planning, sales and hospitality worlds. She launched Austin Tour Company in 2015, creating a brand and business that highlights Austin in a way locals want to experience and are proud of. The duo joined forces to create Hopscotch in 2018.

Hours of operation for Hopscotch are 4 to 11 p.m. on Fridays, 1 to 11 p.m. on Saturdays and 1 – 8pm on Sundays. Additional hours and dates will be added. Tickets are $23 for ages 13 and up, $15 for children ages 4-12, and children 3 and under are free.  Hopscotch is 18+ after 7:00pm.  . Hopscotch is located at 6100 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752. For this exhibit, Hopscotch has collaborated with local artists, collaboratives, non-profits and creative brands like Deep Eddy Vodka and neighboring Brewtorium. 

Following the limited Austin pop-up series, Hopscotch will be opening in downtown San Antonio for a permanent, new exhibition in late summer 2019 and is set to feature different San Antonio-based artists. More details will be announced at a later date. For more information on Hopscotch and to purchase tickets, visit letshopscotch.com.


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