Instant coffee gets a bad rap, but truthfully—most of the products out there kinda deserve it. Most people think of it as a product of the 1980s created for people who don’t want to throw something back and walk out the door. Many are made from inferior beans roasted in huge spray-dried batches. It’s cheap to produce but results in bad texture, quality, and taste. 

But now there is a company coming that is taking the concept of instant coffee and making it something you would actually prefer to drink! Waka Coffee sources only 100% Arabica beans and freeze-dries them to preserve the aroma and depth of flavor.

And it doesn’t just taste amazing, it’s actually better for lots of reasons. If you are making your coffee at home, this is super easy to make, creates less waste, and is ideal for camping, hiking, and generally being on the go! Since it fully dissolves in water, it’s also ideal for making iced coffee on crazy hot Texas days. 

Waka’s high-quality instant coffee solution means no more spending money on coffee equipment that occupies valuable kitchen space or wasting valuable time out of your morning routine. And we love that their instant coffee box is recyclable, and they donate a percentage of their profits to sponsor clean water projects around the globe. Waka Coffee also has a unique connection to Austin. The company participated in SKU, an Austin-based accelerator for CPG startups with several local successful brands, including Siete Foods, EPIC Provisions, and Austin Eastciders.

Now after two years of being available exclusively online, Waka Coffee just launched with Central Market as its first retail partner. They are carrying all of Waka’s roasts (Colombian Medium Roast, Indian Light Roast, and Colombian Decaf Medium Roast) in all of their locations. Try it today and join the instant coffee revolution! Check out the closest location near you here.