No one could have predicted what 2020 would bring, or how it would upend the lives of people working hard and previously succeeding in so many different industries. This far into the year, it seems that the words “unprecedented” and “uncertainty” appear in every article written about the job market. 

But another word is being used more than ever in these crazy times: “pivot.” Companies, governments, and individuals are having to reschedule and reimagine just about everything that was on the calendar, and creative solutions are popping up everywhere. 

There has never been a better time to learn to code—either to build up your resume, deepen your understanding of what’s happening at your current company, or open new doors in your career. At Flatiron School, which was ranked the #1 coding bootcamp by Course Report last year, you can learn how the future is being built. 

Even if you never pictured yourself as a coder—if you’ve been working in hospitality, the arts, or staying home with young children— Flatiron School can help you start a new career in coding, data science, or even cybersecurity. There is nothing but opportunity in this space! Their grads have launched rewarding new careers and you can, too. Flatiron School’s 2019 Jobs Report is their biggest, and most comprehensive to date. The numbers are in, and they speak for themselves.

Start learning to code today with their comprehensive free online coding bootcamp, which has more than 75 hours of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby lessons. This coding bootcamp prep workshop immerses you in programming from day one and is also an effective way to prepare for [attending] a coding bootcamp (including theirs!).

If you want to change things in 2020, start with changing where you see yourself. Step out of your lane this year and learn something new—and powerful. Flatiron School is on a mission to create a more diverse and inclusive tech community—starting with their scholarships and Women Take Tech initiatives. That starts with more people, from all walks of life, considering an exciting career in coding.