Try a Free Total-Body Workout and Learn Real Boxing Technique

It’s January and lots of people are already kicking themselves about not working out. But maybe this year it’s time to stop thinking about sweating for sweating’s sake and commit to learning something new. Legends Boxing in South Austin is much more than a workout. This is a way to achieve the RESULTS you want while learning REAL USA boxing technique and BELONG a tribe, family, and community. It’s a fun and challenging alternative to traditional fitness gyms! Switch things up in 2020. 

Their step-by-step Boxing Fitness classes, all led and created by certified coaches, will teach you proper footwork, punching technique, and self-defense, and also take you through total-body conditioning exercises and a new daily workout. The workouts are designed for any fitness level and can be modified to fit your abilities. Trust us, you won’t find another way of working out that is as empowering.

Legends Boxing South Austin

Before you sign up, click here to schedule your free workout and use the code 365ThingsAustin. 

If you love it, it’s a great time to lock in amazing prices. Right now Legends is offering the first 100 members unlimited classes for just $100 per month, plus they’ll get you outfitted with free gloves and wraps, and a T-shirt! There’s no enrollment fee or long-term commitment required. Try it today and start to love working out again.

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