Launched on Bravo TV’s hit reality show, Summer House, Loverboy has landed in Austin! It’s the pool-party-in-a-can drink that will take you back to the days of laid-back hangs with lots of your friends. And just in time for the holidays, the brand has finally arrived in ATX for our drinking pleasure. 

Their Sparkling Hard Teas are now available in grocery and liquor stores across the city including Whole Foods, Royal Blue, H-E-B, Quickie Pickie, Fresh Plus, and more. Click here to find them wherever you are. The great news about this stuff is that it fits into the healthier lifestyle we love to cultivate in Austin. At 90 calories, and naturally sweetened with monkfruit, it’s an alcoholic beverage with no sugar and no hangover. So you don’t have to feel guilty the next morning. In fact, you can head right out to that hot yoga class without missing a beat. 

Try something new for your holiday merriment and grab a case of this much buzzed-about drink. You can even binge watch the show that made it famous while you sip the deliciousness at home. They are all about the good times and no regrets!