It’s week number we-have-no-idea of quarantine and we need some excitement. Because it’s not just any other Monday—check your calendar! How about crossing smoking with Willie Nelson off your bucket list today? Luck is bringing us Come and Toke It: a variety show-style live stream celebrating cannabis and featuring artists, chefs, comedians, and educators.

In honor of Luck’s landlord and the unofficial patron saint of weed, Luck and Willie’s Reserve are also joining forces to launch the #comeandtokeit #passleft challenge. Luck will be asking fans to post a horizontal video of themselves to their timeline passing (whatever toking material of their choice, keep it legal y’all) to the left with the hashtags #ComeandTokeIt #PassLeft. One lucky participant will be chosen to join the stream and wish Willie a Happy Birthday live on air.

Viewers will also be able to order special cocktail kits from Sourced Craft Cocktails to mix a drink inspired by Willie’s new album, The Last Rose of Spring, for the show!

Stream it on Twitch or Facebook. Happy 4/20 y’all!

When: Monday April 20th

Time: 4:20–8:40 p.m.

Photo via Bob Tilden on Flickr Creative Commons. 

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