There’s a new sushi joint in South Austin and we are extremely excited about this one. Neighborhood Sushi on South Congress is open as of Thursday, June 18th with Japanese-inspired dishes in a casual and beautiful setting.

The latest concept from restaurateurs Larry McGuire and Tom Moorman will mark McGuire Moorman Hospitality’s 15th original concept in Austin since opening Lamberts in 2006. The reimaged space was home to Lou Lambert’s Liberty Pie & Catering, where McGuire got his start 20 years ago.

The press release promises that Neighborhood Sushi will provide guests an approachable sushi experience with influences of Texas flavors, Japanese design and Austin hospitality.

The neighborhood facing, slightly hidden front entrance, opens to a dimly lit, grey plastered vestibule where a friendly host will guide you into the warm wooden dining room.

The jasmine lined Sake Garden, alongside Congress Avenue, will serve a limited menu of small plates, tempura, handrolls and beverages on comfortable lounge seating.

Reservations are accepted but not required!

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