Today you can play a trick on your taste buds with Old Thousand’s cheeky pop-ups all day at both locations!

Old Thousand on Burnet is turning into an emo Italian sandwich shop, Jimmy Eat Sandwich! They’ll be selling house made Chicken Parm, Eggplant Parm, Meatball Subs, Cold Cut Classic, and Italian Pork Sandwiches, and blasting pop punk emo music all day. All with some amazing house cured meats. FSG designed a limited run of screen printed shirts, and 100% of sales of the shirt will benefit Save The Food Austin.

Click here to preorder Jimmy Eat Sandwich items at the Burnet Rd location by selecting April 1st. 

Old Thousand’s 11th St. location is running several “Old Lobster” specials from April 1-4, featuring an Old Thousand spin on Red Lobster-inspired menu items like Cheddar “Bae” Scallion Pancakes, Crab Rangoons, Shrimp Scampi Lo Mein, and XO Lobster & Crawfish Fried Rice. They’ll also have shirts benefiting Save The Food Austin for sale at this location.

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