Running low on things to stream? Getting a little tired of all the Tiger King talk? Well now you can step up the cultural experience at your house. The Paramount Theater is offering curated lists of double features you can watch while we are sheltering in place. Film Programmer Stephen Jannise, the brains behind their beloved Summer Classic Film Series has picked them all out for us and there are three solid themes.

For each theme, they’ve partnered with local restaurants to bring you dinner and a movie. A great place to start is  Family Week with yummy Chinese takeout from Bao’d Up!

Here is the full list of films to get the cinematic vibes going at your house. From The Red Balloon to Pete’s Dragon, Babe, and The Secret Garden—this wholesome classics will bring back a ton of memories and make some new ones.

Kristy Owen
In her previous life, Kristy was an uninspired realtor who was feeling a little bit bored with her day to day. So on January 1, 2010, she made a New Year’s resolution to write about one thing to do each day in her beloved city of Austin, Texas. And thus, 365 Things Austin was born.