Stuck at home, we’ve had more than enough time to tackle the DIY projects we’d been putting off, not to mention to stress-clean and disinfect everything in sight. And yet, no matter how much time we have on our hands, there are some things around, or more specifically, outside the house, we can’t take care of ourselves.

When your time outside is more confined to the yard, it’s easy to notice the chipping paint, growing mildew, and mystery stains on your home’s exterior walls and roof. But, how exactly do you clean it? And how do you get up there? Thankfully, Austin is home to a small business that does just that. 

Westlake Home & Commercial Services is Austin’s premier pressure washing and exterior cleaning company. Their founder started with humble roots by going door to door in West Lake Hills and Tarrytown. They’ve built thousands of relationships with customers one at a time that has lasted 20 years. Their dedication to quality service has helped them become the #1 rated power washing company in Austin.  

The Benefits of Power Washing

Pressure washing is one of the most versatile cleaning solutions in existence. When done correctly, it completely renews driveways, walkways, patios, decks, and pool areas—no matter the material. 

Before and after photos of Westlake HCS cleaning a customer’s stone backyard steps

Not only does power washing the exterior and surfaces around your home make it look great, it also purifies the environment and keeps COVID-19 at bay. Westlake HCS can effectively sanitize all exterior surfaces, including outdoor furniture, by using a chlorine solution that kills coronavirus and all mold, mildew, and germs. And don’t worry, it’s safe for children, pets, and plants!

Safe & Easy No-Contact Cleanings

In response to the pandemic, Westlake Home & Commercial Services has implemented safety measures to protect customers and employees and are fully adhering to CDC guidelines by offering no-contact cleanings. Scheduling, estimates, and work can be done from a safe distance, and invoicing can be done electronically. Additionally, they’ve limited the number of crew members for each job.

Perfect Painting

And if you’ve caught the home improvement bug during this time, Westlake also offers full-service painting for Austin homes. They’re only offering exterior painting right now, but they’ll resume interior painting services as soon as possible.

Before and after pictures of Westlake HCS painting a customer’s whole garage.

Make Yourself at Home with These Discounts

If you’ve never hired a professional power washing company before, now is a great time to take advantage of the two sizable discounts they’re offering right now to feel productive, refresh your home, and make your environment healthier.

Free Driveway or Patio Cleaning

They’re also offering a free driveway or patio cleaning for all new customers who purchase a full exterior house wash, so you can feel good about staying safe while saving money.


With every full exterior house wash, new customers receive a free service of choice. Max 400 square feet.

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A fresh coat of paint is the fastest, easiest way to transform your entire house. Includes exterior and interior painting.

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Complimentary Consultations

It’s important to make our environment as clean and safe as possible right now. The professionals at Westlake can clean and sanitize your home’s exterior and bring you some peace of mind. They even offer complimentary consultations over the phone, so you can get a no-contact free estimate at your home for your cleaning project.

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