Salt & Time has expanded into a retail shop offering natural wines, taking over the butcher shop and restaurant’s neighboring space on East 7th St. They are currently open at limited capacity and will eventually offer wine by the glass and snacks on the patio with additional limited indoor seating.

While the focus of Salt & Time Natural Wine is on—you guess it—natural wine, the goal is to have something for everyone and introduce people to unexpected and classic styles that also happen to be natural. Over 100 different bottles represent a mix of traditional and modern with an emphasis on French and Italian producers like Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme and Fra i Monti, respectively, as well as a good representation of American wines (and yes, of course Texas) including California winemakers Martha Stoumen and Les Lunes.

Natural wine aficionados need not fret, the shop will also stock a large assortment of fun, funky offerings that many have come to associate with the style. To accompany the wine, guests can find a curated selection of snacks including an expanded assortment of tinned fish, sustainable chocolates, and of course Salt & Time’s lauded housemade charcuterie. 

For those who like to leave it to the pros, the shop offers a monthly Wine Club featuring three or six bottle options. Many of the selections are exclusive to the club and are accompanied by detailed notes on the wines, pairing suggestions, and recipes. As with the retail offerings, the featured wines come from small producers practicing organic, biodynamic or other forms of sustainable agriculture and are fermented with native yeasts and have little to no sulfur added.

Location: 1912 E 7th St #D, Austin, TX 78702

Hours: Mon–Sat, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sun, noon to 7 p.m.

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