Self Tanners We Can’t Live Without

It is self-tanner season! Here is a list of our favorites – what are yours?!

Tan Luxe Tan Butter

Love this one for winter time. It is a gradual self tanner, smells like roses, literally no self tanner smell at all, after using 3 days in a row it was about the equivalent to a one time use of regular self tanner. Love that you can control the level of darkness you want. Find it here for $30.

Tan Luxe Tan Drops


Also love this for gradual face tanner. Have several friends that actually just mix a drop of the tan drops into their lotion for a DIY gradual tan lotion for body. These also don’t have a smell to them so makes it easy and less of a hassle to do it. Find it here for $49.

Loving Tan 2 Hour Express


We have this one in dark, we use a tanning mit to put it on evenly, and after 2 hours you rinse off. It will still gradually get darker over the next 6-8 hours. This is one we use for events, vacations, something where we want to look super dark. It is a foam and comes out in more of a greenish color, so the overall color is very brown not orange. Find it here for $40.

St Tropez Foam


This is a tried and true favorite we always have on hand. Easy to pop on in the morning, and have a full tan by the end of the day. Or put on before bed, and wake up tan. This is also one that we don’t always shower off right at the end of 8 hours. The longer its on the more tan you’ll get. We don’t usually have issues with streaking, it is also more green in color when it comes out so it is a super brown color, no orange. Find it here for $44.

Loreal Tan Wipes


This is a great budget friendly option. great for travel, easy to apply in a moist towelette and they are individually wrapped. This does have a smell, but is super dark in color. Not full on orange but has more of an orange tint to it than the loving tan or St. Tropez. We usually always have a box of these on hand for easy application and travel. Find it here for $10. 

Bondi Sands


Another budget friendly option that comes out in a foam. Slight smell but nothing overbearing. Comes out very brown and not orange. Find it here for $24. 

Erin is our resident food and happy hour aficionado. Born and raised in Texas, and spending the last 12 years in Austin, she is constantly trying out new places and giving us her foodie opinion. Erin also is very active in the workout class and wellness scene, providing insight into living a healthy, active and fun lifestyle in our beautiful city of Austin, TX.