Shakespeare at Winedale is returning to the Zoom stage with a performance of Henry IV, Part I. Summer students will perform this beloved coming of age tale of a prince online, broadcasting the livestream on the Shakespeare at Winedale Facebook page.

“Henry IV, Part I is one of Shakespeare’s richest plays, with elements of comedy and tragedy as well as history,” according to Shakespeare at Winedale director James Loehlin. “It introduces one of Shakespeare’s greatest characters, Sir John Falstaff, as well as the romantic rebel Hotspur and the scapegrace Prince Hal. We are excited to be presenting a program of scenes that explore the play’s three contrasting worlds of court, tavern, and countryside. This performance will run just over an hour, but will touch on all of the play’s storylines, centering on the tavern play-acting between Hal and Falstaff—one of the greatest scenes Shakespeare ever wrote.”

When: Sunday, August 9th

Time: 8–9:30 p.m.

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