Festivals that grow bigger and bigger every year don’t just make us think about the changes happening in Austin—but also around the world. Our collective footprint is on all of our minds these days, and that’s one reason Antone’s, the legendary Austin live music venue, will transform into Shell House on March 14th and 15th.

This SXSW event will shine a spotlight on what we can do to make a positive impact. In fact, if you want to offset your carbon emissions from attending SXSW, it’s as simple as providing your travel information inside the Shell House. They’ll take care of it.

Come for the carbon offsets, stay for the engaging discussions with tech and energy experts. At this two-day event, attendees will join thoughtful discussions and enter an interactive experience to learn how governments, businesses, and society can collaborate toward a net-zero U.S. by 2050. This timeline will help us all think about the adjustments we can make in our own lives to make a real difference, from the choices we make at home to how we travel. Stop by Shell House to see what’s possible.

When: March 14th and 15th

Shell House
305 E 5th St.
Austin, TX 78701


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