Hi, it’s me again—365’s self-proclaimed non-adventurer. On this week’s episode of “What Can We Do To Scare Emily The Most?” I took on the longest and fastest ziplines in Texas with Lake Travis Zipline Adventures.

I didn’t do a lot of research before the big day, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I was completely unaware that the next three hours of my life I would be hiking and zipping over a two-mile, 22-story course. Let me just say: If you’re looking for a workout and adrenaline rush combo, then look no further than LTZA!

Our excursion started out with a short boat ride to get to the course. Brodie and Trey were our guides, and after they gave us the lowdown on all the gear, equipment, and zipping techniques it was time to fly! We started with a 300-foot line and then progressed to a 400-foot line and my knees were knockin’. I felt like such a boss after the first two lines, but little did I know—those were the baby lines known affectionately as “flight school.” Up next, we were taking the leap from 400 feet to an unnerving 1,800 feet. We were going from zipping through the trees maybe 20 feet above the ground to zipping over Lake Travis at what felt like over 100 feet! 

We had about a five minute hike to the next launching point to get our minds right. This jump was called “The Leap of Faith” and boy, it was. For some reason as I was soaring over the lake, I thought it was a good idea to to whip out my phone midair and take some pictures. This was probably not my smartest decision, but sometimes you just have to go hard for the ‘Gram. After I finished The Leap of Faith, I honestly was ready for more. My nerves were put to rest with pure adrenaline, and I couldn’t wait to get to the next line!

The last two were the best! Trey took pictures of us all on the second-to-last line, which required us to take off backward in order to catch that photo moment. Once I got clipped in, I just had to trust fall off the platform and pray for the best. The views from this jump were incredible. I’ve never seen Lake Travis from this perspective. Sailing through the air above all the trees, water, and boaters was so exhilarating. Needless to say, I survived but I definitely had some post-jump jitters.

I’m not going to lie. The hike up to our last line was brutal! It took about ten minutes, but the entire trek was an uphill climb in the sun at 2 p.m. carrying an extra 15 pounds of harness. It was a struggle, but there was plenty of water and time for stopping if you needed it. I definitely felt like a fitness queen once I made it to the top and was ready to crush this jump!

Our final jump was called “The Double Barrel Shotgun,” and it was a partner jump. It was a race to the finish line at the end of a 2,800-foot stretch! This jump was crazy! I felt like I was flying through the air forever. I was able to snap some awesome pictures of my friend who jumped with me and a really cool video of us zipping over the lake. If you’re brave enough, I highly recommend bringing your phone with you during the adventure. The guides take pictures that are available for purchase, but the ones I took from my own point of view during my jumps turned out the best.

The bottom of the last line took us directly to a bar overlooking the lake. After three hours in the summer heat running on adrenaline and sweat, nothing sounded better than an ice cold Claw. My friends and I grabbed a drink, took in the view, and really had the chance to process what we’d just experienced.

I grew up going to Lake Travis with my friends and family and didn’t take the time often enough to admire all the natural beauty. My time with LTZA was thrilling, awe-inspiring, and epic to say the least! Adrenaline rushes aren’t something I typically seek out, but I’m so happy I went. It was such a great way to be active and experience something new with my friends. Whether you’re a big ole wimp like me, or a hardcore adventure junkie, booking a tour with LTZA is a pulse-pounding, three-hour adventure you don’t want to miss!


Born and raised in Austin, Emily thrives off sunlight and a good happy hour. In her free time she enjoys finding hidden spots along the greenbelt and frequent trips to Austin Pets Alive! She graduated with a degree in PR and has spent the past four years as a social media manager and writer.