Top 2020 Wellness Items We Love

Our favorite items we could not live without in 2020. Follow along on the @365ThingsWellness Instagram for more content like this daily.

Silk Sleep Mask

Literally blocks out all light and helps to stay asleep all night, and is just super soft & cozy? Find it here for $10. 

Migrasil Essential Oils Roll-On Stick

I use this all day every day. great before bed for relaxation, great for during the day to combat migraines related to blue light, hangovers, headaches in general, etc. Find it here for $12.

Silk Pillowcase

So good for hair & skin. Supposedly silk pillowcases absorb less of the moisture and dirt and thus may be a better choice for people with acne, and can also help with wrinkles. Find it here for $23. 

DW Candles

An all around favorite. Can find these candles on their website where there are always sales, or at Home goods, TJMaxx or Marshalls for cheap. Get a large one that burns foreverrrrr for like $11. They’re the kind that fill up a room even when they’re not burning. Fresh cut gardenia is hands down a favorite (and I’m not into florals), its just so so fresh.

Urban Outfitters Tops

Crop top & Henley top – Crop when its hot, Henley when its not. I literally have both of these in multiple colors. Ribbed Crop is perfect for summer days on the patio, picnics at zilker, as a swimsuit cover up top, or layered under a flannel or cardigan in the fall. The Emmy Henley is great with a pair of leggings or joggers when working at home, lounging during the day, wine nights on the couch with girlfriends. They are both so cozy, so affordable and Urban constantly has sales for them. Typically can find both for around $20 each.


Henley Top

CRZ Joggers

Literally, how did I live without joggers. Love a good pair of Colorful Koala & Lulu Leggings BUT, joggers are less constricting and leaves more room for activities. The material on the CRZ joggers feels just like Lulu and comes in a variety of colors. I like that they cinch at the ankle, tie at the waist but don’t cut you off so much, and still leave you very comfy but also slimming. Pretty much the best of everything. Find them here for $28.

Tula Eye Balm

I literally do not wear makeup ever anymore. This stuff is like a cooling, pearly, eye balm that could be a no-makeup dupe for concealer. its also just super cooling & helps with puffiness. Get it here for $30. Lasted for a year.

Milk Frother

If I have to make coffee every morning, it better be frothy and cute af, like a real barista. The milk frother is something i can no longer live without. Get it here for $39. 


Ok, same thing here, these pods just automatically give you froth AND you can make espresso shots (& tinis?) with it. Find it here. Obsessed with the White one.

Dyson Vacuum

How the f did I live so long with a shitty vacuum? Just pushing dirt around the floor with nothing being sucked up. I want that wasted time of my life back! The dyson literally sucks up every ounce of dirt and swivel head gets it into every place & it has attachments which I love for dog hair on couches. Find it here. 

Candle Warmer

I legit have these all over the house. It’s $10 on amazon and when your candle is down to the end I just move the old one to the candle warmer to let subtle scents flow through the house. This baby is also amazing for setting coffee or tea cups on it to keep them warm. Find it here for $10. 

Schott Zweisel Wine Glasses

Y’all. These glasses are bougie af and I love it. These are the really thin beautiful ones at June’s on soco. They come in all shapes and sizes and are the perfect wine drinking vessel. Find a 4 pack here for $47. We love this specific pack because they have the square base and it gives us Lily VanDerWoodsen Bass Humphrey Bass vibes.

Yeti Wine Tumbler

This was a back patio staple over the summer. No one likes hot wine. No one likes watered down room temp skinny margs. Get yourself a cute af yeti tumbler and keep your drink icy cold. Also, we tried the off brand ones and they legit don’t work, and are hardly even cheaper. Stick with yeti so you know it will work. Find it here for $20.

Skinceuticals Glycolic Serum

Literally life changing. have used retinol for years, used this ONE night and the next day skin was perfectly smooth (like as if you dermaplaned the night before), texture issues were much less, and helps with discoloration. Find it here for $80.

Sonya Dakar Eye Balm

The only eye cream we’ve ever used that’s worked. It’s more of a balm, super hydrating but not oily, helps with puffiness & dark circles with the green tea + cbd. Find it here. 

Laneige Lip Mask

Will find its way to every top list for obvious reasons. Amazing for day or night. Find it here for $16.

Vegamour Eyelash Serum

This vegan brand has worked wonders on both volume and length. They have two different ones – the volumizing serum and then our favorite, the GRO+Advanced Lash Serum. Find it here for $80. 

Eucalyptus Shower Spray

The easiest way to get a spa-like experience in your own bathroom. Spray in the shower while you’re in it to open up sinuses, spray in the bath for a vibe. Spray in your room before bed when you’ve got allergies. Give it as a gift – we love this as a housewarming gift. Options are truly endless. Find it here for $13. 

Mask Chain

No one wants to be setting their mask down on some nasty a** tables or counters, or shoving into your purse that’s probably full of germs. A mask chain is a super chic way to look cute af and be clean af. Mask but make it a fashion statement, ok? Sunglass chains for 2019, Mask chains for 2020. (But also you can reuse the mask chains for sunglass chains #2021) Find a 2 pack here for $11. 


I’m not going to walk around my house all day long and not be cozy af. These slippers are so so soft, and come in a ton of colors. The cream tends to match with most outties. Specifically, I really like this brand because of the thick base. A lot of slippers you get have a really thin base and they just fall apart. Have had these for over a year and they’ve held up splendidly. Find them here for $22. 

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Erin is our resident food and happy hour aficionado. Born and raised in Texas, and spending the last 12 years in Austin, she is constantly trying out new places and giving us her foodie opinion. Erin also is very active in the workout class and wellness scene, providing insight into living a healthy, active and fun lifestyle in our beautiful city of Austin, TX.