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Girls Empowerment Network’s latest Unstoppable Activist Spark Kit is here to inspire tween and teen girls to effectively and confidently engage in their community. Now in its 25th year, Girls Empowerment Network’s mission is to increase girls’ self-efficacy and ignite the power in girls by teaching them the skills to thrive and believe in their abilities to become unstoppable. 

For the Unstoppable Activist Spark Kit, girl experts created more than two dozen fun activities that help girls identify and live out their values to make the world a better place. The all-in-one girl power activity boxes also connect girls to girl experts and peers, creating community that many girls have been missing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All of the activities will help them find their voice so they can confidently advocate for themselves and their communities for change. The Spark Kits also connect girls to girl experts and peers on weekly calls (now available in English and Spanish) and virtual workshops. It also includes an invitation to Spark Change Day on May 15, a virtual training for youth on the power of advocacy, a review of the legislative process, interactive exploration of issues which impact girls in our nation and the opportunity to hear from local and national policymakers.

What’s Inside?

The Unstoppable Activist Spark Kit features a colorful journal and all the supplies for 25 hands-on activities that show girls how to identify social causes that are meaningful to them, how to effectively advocate for an issue, how to practice authentic self-care, and how to use their voice for a more equitable and just world.  

A sample of activities include: 

  • Tree of Life Drawing their “Tree of Life,” girls reflect on how their experiences shape the activist they want to become.
  • The 5 Whys – Girls question their “why” to discover why an issue is true, why it is happening and why it is important for them.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Demands – Activating their critical thinking skills, girls learn how to be a powerful advocate for the changes they want to see in the world.
  • How a Bill Becomes Law – Girls imagine themselves as a Texas legislator and confidently write about a bill they would like to have passed.  
  • Radical Rest and Relaxation Girls create a relaxing rice and lavender sachet, using aromatherapy as a coping skill and learn the importance of self-care. 

The activities are self-led and come with virtual check-ins with girl experts via phone, text, or video call. Girls may also access upcoming virtual workshops and events, and this Spark Kit will be available through the end of May 2021. 

For the first time, a translated UNSTOPPABLE ACTIVIST Spark Kit journal will be available digitally in Spanish along with girl expert, Spanish-facilitated groups.

Spark Kits are so much fun girls will never know it’s designed to teach them skills that improve their mental health and make them feel more confident.

How Do I Get One?

Unstoppable Activist Spark Kits are available to order online

Valued at $500 each, the kits are made possible with the support of donors and sponsors, making the cost to families and schools only $35 plus tax, with shipping calculated at checkout. Spark Kits can be mailed anywhere in the United States. 

Spark Kits can also be hand-delivered via a “Spirit Squad” within a 30–mile radius of its Austin and Houston offices during weeks designated on the website. Deluxe Spark Kits are $50 and include fast shipping plus a limited–edition Girls Empowerment Network t-shirt and water bottle while supplies last. 

Additional Opportunities include sponsoring a Spark Kit, as well as Girls Empowerment Network virtual volunteer opportunities, such as writing relatable role model letters to girls.


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