The Austin Animal Center has a goal of finding loving homes for all adoptable pets. They rely on foster families, volunteers, adopters, and community and rescue partners. Want to do something wonderful? Become a volunteer!
There are a host of things they need help with like, for example, crafting super adorable cat condos!  Several of their feline citizens are living it up in comfy little abodes at the shelter. We all know cats love a box, and these sleek digs come equipped with openings out of which to peek at passersby, and arm-sized slots the purr-fect size for reaching in and batting around a toy. Want to make your own? It’s as easy as taping an empty box shut, wrapping it with decorative paper, and cutting holes for cats to pass through.
There are a bunch of volunteer opportunities at the center for animal-loving individuals and groups. To learn more about how you can help this amazing organization follow them on Insta or click here

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