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Wedding Cakes vs. Dessert Bar

Cakes are v expensive and honestly so many people are moving towards dessert tables now. If you still want to do the cake cutting portion of the wedding, a lot of couples are now just getting a small cake (still will run you $200-300), and then getting a cheap sheet cake that is in the back from HEB ($50) for guests to have. If you are a cake person – the rule of thumb is the brides cake is the fancy, beautiful wedding cake; the grooms cake is a time to get creative and funny with sporting teams, hobbies, pets, etc. Or, if you’re just not for the cake at all, get creative with your dessert bar!

Cake & Dessert Caterers:

Amy’s Ice Cream – Also has a bakery shop.

Sweet Treets Bakery – A classic wedding cake shop, also with very inventive Grooms cakes and customized cakes for events.

Sweet Treets

Word of Mouth Bakery – Also a full service deli in Clarksville.

Walton’s – If you’ve been here for breakfast you’ve seen the plethora of baked goods and sweets, they are an Austin staple.

Sugar Mama’s – Great for cupcakes.

Steel City Pops – Perfect for Texas weddings in the heat.

Steel City Pops

Capital City Bakery – A small, neighborhood bakeshop with locally sourced ingredients.

Tiff’s Treats – An inexpensive, yummy option.

Tiny Pies – If you want something more inventive, there isn’t anything like a tiny pie with a scoop of ice cream to make it feel like a Southern wedding.

Tiny Pies

Hayley Cakes Customized Cookies, you’ve seen these around town for sure.

HEB for Custom Cakes that are inexpensive. 

Whole Foods (Berry Chantilly!!!)

Pro Tip: This is also a time to be creative! Find something that connects with you as a couple – your favorite candy, if you love brownies, ice cream truck, honey butter chicken biscuits at the end of the night, etc. 

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