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Wedding Decor


Rentals will make a space. Florals are one thing but furniture and decor to make a place feel warmer is a must. 

Loot Vintage Rentals is definitely the most popular but also pricey, check out their insta, their stuff is FIRE.

Birch & Brass Rentals – has the coolest glassware, furniture and funky lighting.

Premiere Events – this is more for basic stuff and if you don’t need anything too vibey, great sales in the summer on chairs if you want to upgrade from the basic white chair to something nicer!

Loot Vintage – Rentals
Bird Dog Wedding – Design & Planning
Greenhouse – Venue


This is totally up to time of year and venue. Obviously if the venue is 100% outdoors you always need to have a tent plan in place. Some places have a tent in house, and some you can rent elsewhere. Be aware, tents are PRICEY but at times are a necessity if you don’t want your party freezing or drenched in rain. There are two main styles – a clear top (cheaper) or a sperry top (white top sometimes canvas like, more expensive) so definitely decide your design and budget and go from there. 


Premiere Events – $1,100-7,800 

Indie House Events (if you want more of the Tee-Pee style) – $5,000-10,000; this place also does the “Cosmo Camper” for a fun specialty cocktail trailer!

Whim Hospitality – $5,000-10,000 depending on the size and style 


Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. No but really, florists hear “Wedding” and immediately jack up the price so just prepare yourself. Florals can really range anywhere from $5k bare minimum for a small wedding, with $10-15k being average, all the way up to $30-50k for large events. 

Rosehip Flora (Super popular)

Wildly Cultivated

Remi & Gold


Clementine Botanical Art

Gypsy Floral

Davy Gray/Valerie Wolf

The Farmer & I

Austin Flower Company (for DIY florals)

Pro Tip: Don’t do bouquets for bridesmaids, it sounds weird but looks totally fine for the bride to be the only one with a bouquet and can save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars.

Another money saving tip is to DIY your flowers. This is definitely a time consuming task only meant for brides with a lot of time and patience, so move forward at your own risk. If you do decide to embark on this adventure, there are a ton of DIY hacks on Pinterest including throwing out long sprigs of babys breath and eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s, simple hydrangeas in amber mason jars from Amazon, etc. 

Last tip – try using feathers instead of rose petals for the flower girls to throw, and you can save hundreds of dollars.

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