We’ve rounded up a list of all of our favorite ACL eats! Check out our picks for where to eat pre-festival, and the spots you should hit up once you’re inside the gates.

Before The Festival 

El Alma

We’ve always had luck stopping here for a marg and queso before heading down to Zilker. It’s just far enough from the grounds that you can normally get a table quickly and it’s still an easy scoot or walk over.

Pool Burger

Burgers and cocktails, close to ACL? That’s an easy yes. This stop makes the list because of its convenient location and relatively fast service.

Trace at The W

This is the place for mimosa lovers. On Saturday and Sunday during brunch they do $5 carafes!


This stop is for anyone who thinks an Aperol Spritz or a frosé sounds like the perfect pre-festival drink. Refreshing and light, and just the way to hydrate!

Baby A’s

This really needs no introduction. While we wouldn’t recommend their legendary purple margs before festing, we know some of you inevitably will test the limits of the human body.

Carpenter Hotel

This spot is a little bit of a hidden gem right in the middle of all the action. Out-of-towners may not realize that you can get a solid meal and libations before or after the festival.

Better Half / Hold Out

The dangerous thing about this spot (two places/different menus but all on the same property) is that once you’re there, it’s the type of place you can accidentally hang out all day. Food, check. Vibe, check. Booze, check. Better Half, can’t get much better!

Mean Eye’d Cat

This tends to be a sleeper pick. You can snag affordable food and booze but access the trail that gets you to Zilker from the backside.

Tumble 22

Fried chicken before festing? Sounds like a plan to us! After feasting before festing, it’s a quick walk to the park entrance.

Salt Traders

Indulge in a little seafood moment before making your way to ACL, located just one mile away from Salt Traders. Pop champagne, and slurp down an oyster flight, before making the 20-minute walk to Zilker.


Located just a mile away from the festival, TLC is the perfect place to escape the crowds and take a load off. Sip on spicy margaritas and snack on their hush puppies and fresh East, West, and Gulf Coast Oysters. Bring the whole crew and customize your very own seafood boil for the table to enjoy!

Aviary Kitchen + Wine Bar

Wine and dine yourself pre-festival on their patio with light bites like their Summer Crudo and Squash Panzanella and refresh your palate with a sparkling glass of bubbles, or a bottle of crisp rosé.

Tacodeli Spyglass

With their newest additions of margaritas, palomas, and dinner plates, Tacodeli on Spyglass is the place to be when looking to grab a bite before or after your ACL adventure.

During The Festival: you’ve made it inside the gates and are hungry. Here are our go-to spots to eat at the ACL.


The classic festival snack is gourmet grilled cheese. It’s easy to eat on the go, filling, and never disappoints.

Blenders & Bowls

File this under Refreshing. For those looking for a stop that falls on the “healthier” side of things. These acai bowls are sure to keep you cool.

Homie Fries

Homie Fries is a new concept this year from the minds behind Burro Cheese. Imagine waffle fries loaded with …. well any and everything!


Make this place your go-to if you’re looking for something to hold you over for a while. Classic Texas barbecue and made-from-scratch sides will fuel you through all the booze and music!

Photo credit – Jackie Lee Young

The Mighty Cone

Quite possibly the original ACL snack. These cones are the perfect on-the-go snack, we always make sure to get the avocado one!


Fun Fact: Good Pop originated the same year 365 Things Austin did back in 2010! We have been cooling off with them at ACL as long as we can remember.

Photo credit – @acleats

Southside Flying Pizza

Giant slices and ACL go hand in hand. It’s a quick and satisfying meal that’s easy to eat on the go!

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