The seltzer business is booming, especially in Austin where they seem to go perfectly with our laid-back, always-up-for-tubing-and-tacos lifestyle. But while we’ve seen just about everything in a can recently, we haven’t had mezcal in the mix—until now! 

For the uninitiated, mezcal is basically tequila’s cooler, more sophisticated cousin. It has a smoky flavor that is bold, authentic, and a little unexpected. Elenita is a complex seltzer — crafted with artisanal mezcal made from 100% agave Espadín, natural juices, and sparkling water to create easy-drinking perfectly balanced flavor profiles. 

Elenita comes in 12oz slim cans and in four distinct flavors: refreshing Cucumber Lime Basil, spicy Pineapple Jalapeño, fruity Strawberry Mule, and exotic Passionfruit Paloma. There are no weird chemicals, malt liquor, or neutral alcohol — it’s just a quality, spirit-based seltzer that’s easier to savor. 

Austinites can find them now at all Total Wine locations, WB Liquors, Spec’s, Twin Liquors, and other independent stores available on their store locator—and will be available in other key liquor chains in the coming months. It will also be stocked in bars up and down Rainey Street and all the best spots in town, from East to South Austin and Downtown. 

Click here to learn more and find it in a store near you.