It’s an annual tradition in Austin to get our best comedians together to say goodbye to the year that was. And hoo boy, 2020—we could all use some laughter right now. This special edition of the show will stream live on Twitch tonight and they’ll be patching in over 50 of the brightest minds from Austin’s comedy scene.
Hosted by Lisa Friedrich and Mac Blake, the show will go month by month, roasting 2020’s major events—and golly there is so much to choose from! You can make donations during the show for the Austin Justice Coalition, the Red River Cultural District’s Banding Together, and the Ashley Barnhill Skull Fund.
This year’s show features: Aaron Brooks, Amber Bixby, Andrew Clarkston, Andrew Murphy, Andrew Rosas, Angelina Martin, Ashley Overton, Ashley Sharma, Avery Moore, Bradley Oesch, Brandi Davis, Brendan K O’Grady, Brett VerVoort, Brian Gaar, Carina Magyar, Carlton Wilcoxson, Chris Cubas, Chris Tellez, Christina Parrish, Clara Blackstone, Daniel Rugg Webb, Danny Goodwin, Danny Palumbo, David McQuary, Devon Walker, Doug Mellard, Duncan Carson, Enzo Priesnitz, George Anthony, Glenn Rose, Hunter Duncan, Joe Hafkey, John Erler, John Merriman, Justin Hicks, Kat Strubel, Kath Barbadoro, Katherine Hutchins, Katie Pengra, Kerri Lendo, Lance Gilstrap, Maggie Maye, Martha Kelly, Michael Priest, Micheal Foulk, Mike Wiebe, Ralphie Hardesty, Robyn Reynolds, Roxy Castillo, Vanessa Gonzalez, Vanilla Presley and Zac Brooks.
When: Wednesday, December 30th
Time: 8 p.m.
Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels.
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